Quotes and Suggestions

We have forgotten to count ourselves among the V's in Big Data. People, Organizations and things to deal with various V's in Big data. People are streaming from many directions to Big data either to talk,to peek or even jump to the bandwagon. Organizations to solve the various V's start mushrooming and those that want to adopt. All other things are those that start solving these V's besides Velocity,Volume, Variety, Volatility,Value,Viability,Veracity,Validity...
Technology Should serve business else it is just a showpiece
Smart or beautiful..... data lies in the eyes of the beholder or user in Analytics.... Big data is universally accepted as Big Data. How smart Big data is managed, that title must be ascribed to an organization or team...
Analytics should answer business questions. People from business should ask relevant questions. It is always a collaborative work...
Modernity is the latest fasion. Whoever does not want to be modern, they are behind.
Are we the modern Neanderthal men trying to deal with Mammoth?The big challenge in Big Data is that it is big. Its intrinsic hidden strength is in V's. Neanderthal men killed mammoth using tools. We are using modern tools too
V's in Big Data bring forth V's of companies,people and it becomes so difficult for a solution provider. It needs s/w to analyze V's vs V's..
Big Data is getting bigger. Even small firms need Big data for Analytics
Before choosing a tool, technology, think of what are the latest ones available or in the pipeline else you will be left with pills unwillingly swallowed. The rate at which better tools, technology germinate is unstoppable.

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